KCLG Covid-19 Policy

(Adopted 04/06/2020)
It became evident that the Covid-19 pandemic reached Australia’s shores on 25th January 2020
when the four people were diagnosed with the virus in Sydney. On the 31st January the World
Health Organisation declared a public health emergency of international concern. Since then, a
number of changes to restrictions and laws have been put in place by both the State and Federal
Governments. These have included social distancing, limitations on numbers of people together at
any one time and in general, a principle (backed by law) was put in place to ‘stay home’ unless there
is a need for essential travel such as for food, medicine or exercise.
It is with these general principles and with any current restrictions in place that Kiewa Catchment
Landcare Groups Inc. will direct our membership to follow in regards to being a responsible
organisation and doing our part in protecting the community, in particular the vulnerable, to the
spread of this virus. The Covid-19 virus is reported to continue to be a contagion threat in the
community for months and years to come, so social distancing measures for example, will be
practiced by our Landcare community for some time to come.
Principles for Guiding Participation at Community Events
Kiewa Catchment Landcare Groups Inc., its Groups and its members are reminded that Landcare
activities, albeit voluntary, need to follow recommendations and restrictions in place for all
activities. The list below is a guide only to help with planning your Landcare activity and for
reminding attendees about practices being put in place for the event.
● Remember that volunteering is a ‘non-essential’ activity
● Stay away if you feel sick or have been in contact with someone who has been sick
● You will be required to sign on, provide contact info and sign off when attending an activity -
form here
● Sneeze or cough into your elbow - never into open air, towards other people or into your
● Keep a distance of 1.5 - 2m apart at all times – make no physical contact
● Where possible, bring your own gloves and tools to use, label them and do not share them
with others
● In general, do not share contact with tools, hard surfaces, objects - without a cleaning
procedure first of tools or hand washing/sanitising
● Wash hands thoroughly with soap or sanitise hands before, during and after handling
anything with a hard surface or after the activity.
● BYO hand sanitiser so this doesn’t need to be shared. If providing hand sanitiser, consider
one person dispensing to everyone rather than everyone touching the container
● BYO drinking water bottle and snacks - please take all your own rubbish home with you.
● Ensure all steps followed to protect volunteers and participants are well documented - into a
diary or minutes for example. This will help when arranging another event and in the case
that there is an infection.
● Consider only allowing participation in activities if they have the Covid 19 App activated.

It is advised to keep up with restrictions as they are changed regularly by the Victorian Government.