Kergunyah   adding sheep dung to nursery site small file

This project aimed to introduce the deep burrowing earthworm Aporrectodea longa from Tasmania to NE Victoria. Seven Nursery trial sites were set up across NE Victoria (Lucyvale, Tallangatta Sth, Kergunyah, Tawonga, Bruarong [x2] and Oxley).

Trial site results (Excel spreadsheet) trial-site-sampling-data.xls

You can read about the project (the How, What and Why) in the Project Newsletters

Issue 1 November 2010

Issue 2 April 2011

Issue 3 June 2011

Issue 4 October 2011


In 2017 DNA analysis was undertaken as we have a "look alike" species in NE Victoria. Samples were sent to Canada for analysis.

Summary of Samples sent for DNA analysis

DNA Analysis Report Canadian Centre for DNA Barcoding

Aporrectodea longa - our worm of interest - otherwise known as the long worm

Kergunyah rotary hoeing nursery site small file

Each site was rotary hoed in order to destroy existing worms

A longa ready for release small file

A furrow was made into the soil and approximately 300 worms were placed at each site

Bagged sheep dung small file

Sheep dung is a favoured earthworm food. it was important to source dung that did not contain any harmful toxins

Kergunyah   adding sheep dung to nursery site small file

The site was top dressed with lime and a layer of sheep dung

Kergunyah site with cover

A geofabric cover was placed over the nursery to protect the worms from predationTrials

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