Baranduda Landcare

Our BLCare Facebook site is a good way to get an overview of the group's activities:

 BLCare is part of the Kiewa Catchment Landcare Groups (KCLG) network of 6 groups

The KCLG website: is the primary site for Landcare membership for all groups in the network including BLCare

We extend an invitation to you to join Baranduda Landcare

The cost is $25 per year for an individual or family membership

You can join by accessing this link

 Or from the Home Page Menu click on Membership menu item then Join KCLG

 Note there are 1 to 5 year payment options

 Select Baranduda as the group you wish to be aligned with as new BLCare members are entitled to a (free):

 • BLCare metal farm / house gate sign

• BLCare cap and broad-brimmed hat (Glen Johnson can provide further details re: colours and sizes) – please advise if you join up. 

 There is more info about this offer here

 Preferred payment option is online (both Paypal and Credit Card are supported) 

You can also pay by electronic funds transfer - choose the Offline payment option and EFT details will be presented or you can find the BSB info here

 There's heaps more information on BLCare pages on the same website:  

Scroll / arrow through to view information on projects and promotional videos etc

e.g.">BLCare Reveg Guide.

Finally you may wish to explore more resources relating to Baranduda on the Wodonga Urban Landcare website here

The Baranduda Landcare site on the Wodonga Urban Landcare website is here

Content includes Birds, Native Grasses,  Weeds and a reveg guide for Baranduda


Please contact me if you have any queries.

Cheers, Glen Johnson & Tony Marsh

Baranduda Landcare Secretary & KCLG Membership Coordinator

0418 501936    0417 687 842