Covid Policies and Procedures

There are three options to explore here

1. Overall KCLG Policy on Covid-19

2. Template for implementaion of a Covid Safe Plan for a KCLG sponsored event

3. Online submission of a Covid Safe Plan for a KCLG sponsored event

KCLG Covid Safe Plan Creation

Event Coordinators can generate and submit a Covid Safe plan for an upcoming KCLG Inc event by filling in the form below and clicking the submit button

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Actions that will be undertaken to mitigate COVID transmission

Physical distancing

  • Set up a registration table and signage at the entrance of each event to meet attendees and promote the importance of maintaining 1.5 m distancing.
  • Discuss COVID safe measures during event induction
  • For indoor events:
    • Adhere to any density quotients of specific event premises, noting these may change from one person per 4m2 or one person per 2m2 (refer to DHHS site prior to the event for current rules).
    • Ensure signage showing the maximum number of people allowed in the space is displayed in a visual position near the entrance door. 
    • Work closely with the manager of the venue or a landholder to comply with their COVID safe plan requirements
    • Arrange seating to maximise social distancing arrangements
  • Register all attendees at advertised events through Eventbrite so that numbers can be capped appropriately to the venue size and/or current restrictions.
  • Hold events outdoors where possible
  • If carpooling at field events is required ensure that attendees wear face masks and practice proper hand hygiene when travelling in pool vehicles

Face masks

  • Face masks with proper nose and mouth covering are to be worn in all indoor settings unless a lawful exemption applies, or the person is under 8 years of age. 
  • Facemasks for outdoor settings are recommended where social distancing cannot be maintained
  • Make available face masks at the registration desk for those who come without them and have the COVID marshal remind attendees about mask wearing requirements if needed.  


  • Clean and disinfect registration desk and stationery (e.g., pens) regularly during the event.  Have available disinfectant and wipes on the registration desk.
  • For indoor events adhere to venue manager cleaning rules
  • Make hand sanitizer available in a visible location on the entrance desk and restrooms 
  • Reduce the need for communal items through catering
  • Encourage regular hand washing through signage 

Record keeping

  • Use the QR code for sign-in attendance at all events – for outdoor events this may be a KCLG QR code, or for a hired indoor event this will be the QR code of the venue manager.  
  • Use Eventbrite to register all persons for advertised events
  • Maintain Landcare register for all events as well as QR code, scan these and save electronically as a record at the end of the event. 
  • Station staff and COVID safe marshal at entrance of each event to ensure all persons check in correctly. 
  • Attendees at an event must be fully vaccinated or have a valid medical exemption


  • Promote events in outdoor settings where possible
  • For indoor settings enhance ventilation by opening windows and doors where possible to enhance air flow and optimise fresh air flow in air conditioning systems

Responding to a confirmed case of COVID following an event

If an attendee notifies KCLG of a confirmed case of COVID following an event, the KCLG COVID safety marshal must:

  • Notify the Committee, Venue manager or landholder where the event was hosted so that proper cleaning, testing and isolation procedures can be undertaken. 
  • Inform the affected person to get tested, isolate and follow the COVID checklist procedures for a positive test result available on the DHHS website. 
  • Using records collected to notify other attendees to isolate, get tested and follow the COVID checklist procedure outlined on the DHHS website.

Checklists for COVID cases:

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