Baranduda Landcare Membership Entitlement

As part of joining BLCare New members are entitled to (no additional charge):

  1. A BLCare metal farm / house gate sign (30x30cm)
  2. BLCare cap and broad-brimmed hat (or two of one or the other).

New members please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and advise Glen Johnson whether you’d prefer e.g. cap or hat - and for each what colour cap:  grey or natural (one size fits all)
and/ or what size hat either 55 (kids), 57, 59, or 61

Additional Purchases
  • Extra caps or hats can be purchased for a significantly subsidised price: $5each (members) or $10 (non-members)
  • Grey caps have all blue embroidery while natural caps have logos with their characteristic black (BLC), green (KLC) and blue (LC Vic 25 yr) logos

Baranduda Landcare Logo

Baranduda Landcare Caps

Baranduda Landcare Hats