Identification Guide

A guide to identifying Dung Beetles commonly found in North East Victoria

Dung Beetle Identification Guide

Caring for Dung Beetles

One of the biggest threats to dung beetles can be some of the products used to treat intestinal worms in livestock and horses. This brochure is a guide to what chemicals are harmful to beetles (and their larvae). It is important to identify the "active ingredient" of the product. This is useful found in small print on the the product label.

Consider your Dung Beetles when using Parasiticides

Dung Beetle Resource Package Compiled in 2008 by Lucyvale Better Beef Group

Downloadable in five parts. This package was originally in printed format, and contained a resource CD, DVD and Dung Beetle Dictionary. Unfortunately many of the links listed in the print format are no longer valid. Other aspects of the package such as Dung Beetle Beneftis, How to set up a Community Project and Species Distribution Maps are still relevant.

1. Introduction

2. The BenEfits of Beetles

3. Step by Step Guide to Establishing a Community Dung Beetle Project

4. Dung Beetle Species Maps south-eastern Australia

5. Dung Beetle Projects 1965 -2008

Dung Beetle Films

Underground Army Enriching Soils (7 min)

FACT SHEET: Underground Army, Enriching Soils

Managing Threats to your Dung Beetle Population (4 min)

CSIRO Technical Report: Original Releases & Redistributions

This important report lists all of the CSIRO original dung beetle releases and redistributions

CSIRO Technical Report No. 62 Australias Introduced Dung Beetles: Original Releases & Redistributions Marina Tyndale-Biscoe 1996

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