Rock Pool Road - A project of Upper Kiewa Landcare

The Rock Pool Road Project (Mt Beauty) commenced in 2011 and was initially funded by the State's 25th Anniversary of Landcare in Victoria funding.

Project aims include:

- Restoration and beautification of the Rockpool & Mermaid Beach Picnic precincts along the East Kiewa River

- Provision of a community-based project/activity for current and prospective members of Upper Kiewa Landcare Group.

- Provision of educational opportunities for appreciation of wildlife and plant diversity

The site was once the main swimming area for Mt Beauty residents, however over the years, access to the site has been restricted by weeds (blackberry) and general neglect. Project activities have included weed control, slashing & mowing, rubbish removal, improvements to parking, creation of walking paths, landscaping of picnic areas,signage, planting native plants, tree risk removal and upgrade & rationalisation of the road network.

Project partners include Parks Victoria, DELWP, Alpine Shire, AGL and NECMA. Much of the hard yakka was done by the Beechworth Correctional Centre Landmate Crew. Their ongoing assistance has been a major contributor to the success of the project.

Project Area Map Kiewa East River Land Tenure

Project Area Map

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