Junction Creek Gully Tawonga - A project of Upper Kiewa Landcare

This project commenced in 2009 and is a partnership between Upper Kiewa Landcare Group, Friends of the Gully, NECMA (willow removal) and Alpine Shire. The project has enormous support from the Beechworth Correctional Centre Landmate team . The area is a steep gully and had many woody weeds. There were also community concerns over the fire hazard potential:

This creek area now has:

  • a pedestrian path and bridges for the length of the project area

  • increased biodiversity with 70 - 80 % native vegetation cover over the length of creek through planting, regeneration and selective weeding techniques

  • yabby holes, reports of platypus, Sooty and Powerful Owls

  • had an enormous amount of hard rubbish removed

  • minimised fire risk through plantings of grasses and ground covers and planting shrubs and trees in clumps

  • greatly improved storm water drainage delivery to the creek through Alpine Shire works

  • during floods of recent years, no erosion of the sides of the gully

  • ongoing community support through planting days and working bee

Best Community Project entry - Big Tree Competition 2013