Kiewa Catchment Landcare Groups Inc.

2018-2021 Biodiversity Response Planning Revegetation/Fencing/Weed/Rabbit Control Projects

Landholder Project Criteria

Kiewa Catchment Landcare Groups Inc. is a local Landcare network Committee that supports the Baranduda, Kiewa-Bonegilla, Kergunyah-Gundowring, Upper Kiewa and Yackandandah Landcare areas. We have around 200 member individuals and families in our network, mostly small and large landholders who are aligned with Landcare principles of looking after the land.

Kiewa Catchment Landcare Group Inc in partnership with the North East CMA have received funding from Victorian Government’s Biodiversity Response Planning for a three year program to improve habitat and connectivity for threatened woodland birds and mammals of the Kiewa Valley. This project is part of the $86.3 million investment to implement Protecting Victoria’s Environment – Biodiversity 2037 over the first four years of the plan.

Biodiversity Response Planning is a new area-based planning approach to biodiversity conservation in Victoria. It is designed to strengthen alignment, collaboration and participation between government agencies, Traditional Owners, non-government agencies (NGOs) and the community.

We want to make the most of it by supporting landholders to deliver the best projects in the target area that achieve positive change for our woodland species of flora and fauna. Any weed control or other works will need to be focused on biodiversity (remnant) protection and improvement – including removing rabbit harbour, so any sites on general farming land would not be a priority for this funding. Projects need to have the outcome of one or more of the following. If one or more apply to the idea you have for a project on your property, we’d love to hear from you.

Will your project have any of the following benefits?
- shade and shelter for livestock in summer and winter
- corridor for wildlife
- erosion control
- removal and control of significant weed infestation
- wind protection for crops, pasture or livestock
- reduction of a rabbit pest species issue on your land

For your project to be successful in being funded, you will need to agree to:
- Being a member of Kiewa Catchment Landcare Groups Inc. for the duration of the project
- Enter into a 10 year site management agreement with the North East CMA
- Be responsible for site preparation & ongoing maintenance for the duration of the management agreement (including ongoing weed control & rabbit reduction, if applicable)
- Be responsible for erecting any fencing
- Plant native hiko or tubestock plants over the winter months
- Use plants indigenous to the area, with at least 50% understorey species (shrubs and grasses) -

(Landcare will assist with selecting suitable plants and nursery)

- Rabbit control works may include ripping, baiting etc that will require my time and ongoing management
- The minimum average planting width is 20m (or 10m either side of banks/gullies)
- The fencing subsidy of $8.00 per metre for standard fences & $5.00 for electric fences and is paid upon inspection of completed fence
- The weed control subsidy of up to $500 / Ha (equivalent cash/in kind contribution from landholder)
- The rabbit control subsidy of up to $250 / Ha (50% cash contribution from landholder)
- Allowing remnant vegetation on my property to be included in an on-site bird species survey
- Provide before and after project photographs from photopoints
- Allow Kiewa Catchment or North East CMA staff to undertake site inspections and monitoring

Property Location

The landholders project site must be within the project target area as a requirement for this funding. See map below

Are you a member of Kiewa Catchment Landcare Groups Inc.?
If you are not a member currently you can become a member or renew your membership by visiting the KCLG website and click on Membership.

Projects that will be funded will involve one or more of the following activities

  1. Revegetation - most landholder projects will involve revegetation
  2. Fencing - fencing will be funded if it is required for stock exclusion of revegetation areas. Property boundary fencing will not be funded.
  3. Weed control - most revegetation sites will need to have weed control carried out prior to planting, even if it’s spot spraying where plants will be planted. Some landholder projects though may be focussed on major weed reduction of e.g. blackberry.
  4. Rabbit control - may be funded if it is required for vegetation protection and establishment

Project Area Map